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24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

A 24-hour blood pressure monitor allows to detect all of the blood pressure readings throughout the day. We can therefore identify whether there is hypertension which needs treatment.

A 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure assesses, during your daily activities, all the blood pressure levels to help rule out any high blood pressure.

The main measurement which is important to assess is the average blood pressure throughout the 24-hours.

This will allow us to risk stratify you depending on whether you have mild, moderate or high blood pressure.

In addition to detecting blood pressure, the 24-hour blood pressure monitor can assess the anti-hypertensive efficacy of the medications that are given to you.

In order to perform a 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor, we need to fit a cuff onto the upper arm. The cuff will inflate every half hour, taking blood pressure readings. Patients tolerate this test usually very well.

At the end of all the measurements, a computer will generate the average blood pressure readings and compare it to the normal blood pressure average.

We will provide you with your blood pressure monitor results within 24 hours.

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure is essential to initiate the appropriate treatment to help prevent a heart attack or stroke. These are both due to very high blood pressure.

Reasons for high blood pressure

The majority of blood pressures are idiopathic, which means that 90% of them have no clear cause.

However, the majority has a hereditary component. Therefore, if your parents or siblings have high blood pressure, then it is more than likely you can high blood pressure, too.

Some wrong lifestyle choices such as stress or high salt intake can cause high blood pressure.

Sometimes, it can be due to other causes such as hormonal problems like a pheochromocytoma, Crohn’s disease, a contraceptive pill or blockages of the renal arteries.

Arranging your 24 hour blood pressure montior

Usually, Dr Lo Monaco’s monitors 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure in London at the Harley Street International Polyclinic, 104 Harley St, Marylebone, London, W1G 7JD, the first multilingual and multispeciality clinic in the UK, he co-founded.

You can have your tests, consultations and follow-up appointments usually within a day, using a wide range of top-notch medical techniques and diagnosis facilities.

With his innovative Mobile Cardiology Service, Dr Francesco Lo Monaco monitors 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure in London regardless of where you are located: at your home, hotel, nursing or caring home, even in your workplace!

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