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About Dr Lo Monaco, Cardiologist in London

Whether you think your heart issues are stress-induced or believe that there are underlying physical problems, Dr Lo Monaco will find a solution for you by performing all the relevant tests and giving you results and treatments.

With years of experience in cardiology, Dr Francesco Lo Monaco provides a wide variety of services to his patients from his London office while also delivering lectures and producing groundbreaking research.

Whether you are just worried about your heart and want a consultation, or wish to know what your options are in terms of treatment, Dr Lo Monaco is always happy to help.

Be Proactive

Contact your cardiologist to check your heart regularly. You’ll never know if something is wrong, unless you consult a specialist. Contact us on 07805 173 382

A London Cardiologist You Can Trust

Are you experiencing difficulties in breathing? What about irregular heart beats? Book in a consultation and make sure that your heart is in the right place!

Stay Informed

About 25% of all deaths in the UK are the result of heart and circulatory diseases. Stay informed about your health. Contact a cardiologist you can count on.

Your Cardiologist Specialist in London

Dr Francesco Lo Monaco is a well-respected and renowned professional who has been working as a cardiologist at Chelsea and Westminster Trust in West Middlesex University Hospital for over 9 years.

In 1997, he completed his medical qualification with honours from the University of Pavia Medical School in Italy. In 2003, he finished his cardiology training (summa cum Laude) in Milan.

Later, he worked as Consultant Cardiologist in Milan until 2006 and then moved to New York to complete his Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cardiology at the New York Medical College. During that time, he published revolutionary research in cardiac stem cells, presenting the results at the American Heart Association Meeting in Orlando in 2008.

His expertise is in Clinical Cardiology with a subspecialty in imaging. He can treat a wide range of cardiovascular diseases such as ischaemic heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias and valvular heart disease. He can also perform diagnostic tests ranging from exercise tolerance tests, dobutamine stress tests, 24 h ECG Holter and blood pressure monitoring and CT coronary angiograms.

He is an affiliate member of the Royal College of Physicians and has been appointed as Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology and Undergraduate Tutor by Imperial College School of Medicine.

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Dr Lo Monaco understands that taking the necessary steps towards understanding and improving your physical health is daunting. But, as any of his patients will gladly tell you, he can put your mind at ease very quickly. It all starts with a simple consultation!

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