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Exercise Tolerance Test in London

Dr Lo Monaco performs Exercise Tolerance Tests in London at the Harley Street International Polyclinic he co-founded or at any location in London. You can have your tests, consultations and follow-up appointments usually within A DAY.

An exercise tolerance test (ETT) can diagnose coronary artery disease.

An Exercise Stress Test monitors the heart rate and the blood pressure and any ECG changes during the test.

If there is any lack of oxygen into the arteries of your heart, this test is able to elicit any symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath.

An Exercise Tolerance Test can identify also electrocardiographic changes and therefore to diagnose where there could be a risk of a heart attack.


Prior to the test, you should come in comfortable clothes and trainer shoes.

You will have some small sticky electrodes stuck to your chest which will record your electrical activity and then you will undergo the exercise ECG which includes walking on a treadmill.


The exercise tolerance test lasts for a variable time of 5 to 12 minutes depending on how fast the patient reaches their heart rate which is our target.


The exercise tolerance tests cost is variable from £250.00 to £350.00 GBP.

What does an exercise tolerance test assess?

The exercise tolerance test allows to indirectly assess whether there is a lack of oxygen in the arteries. Indeed, through the ECG we can see where there are signs of the suffering of the heart due to blocked coronary artery disease.

There could also be a fluctuation during the exercise test with hypertension or also hypotension and some arrhythmias can be triggered like atrial fibrillation, flutter or SVT.
If we notice some PVCs or ventricular ectopics affecting your heartbeat during the exercise stress test then this could be: a sign of arrhythmia; it could be benign; or it could be a sign of underlying obstructed arteries.

Contraindications to the exercise test are severe aortic valve stenosis or recent heart failure or unstable angina which means chest pain also at rest, not only on exertion.

We stop the exercise test if the patient develops changes in the electrocardiogram or if they have episodes of chest pain.

Of course there are alternatives also to the exercise test, such as Dobutamine stress test, mainly used for people who cannot exercise, during which medication is injected into your vein which makes the heart pump faster and therefore it allows the visualisation of the walls of the heart to see whether or not they contract well and it also monitors chest pain and other symptoms.

Arranging your exercise tolerance test

Usually, Dr Lo Monaco’s performs Exercise Tolerance Tests in London at the Harley Street International Polyclinic, 104 Harley St, Marylebone, London, W1G 7JD, the first multilingual and multispeciality clinic in the UK, he co-founded.

You can have your tests, consultations and follow-up appointments usually within a day, using a wide range of top-notch medical techniques and diagnosis facilities.

With his innovative Mobile Cardiology Service, Dr Francesco Lo Monaco performs Electrocardiogram in London regardless of where you are located: at your home, hotel, nursing or caring home, even in your workplace!

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