It is a constant ECG recording which is measured by you wearing the monitor. It will assess the number of your heartbeats throughout the day and will pick up any abnormal heart rhythms.

Then, this allows us to understand whether there are any heart problems or any other heart conditions which require attention.

In fact, if the heart muscle does not contract well or there are abnormalities, but also high-stress episodes, then these will translate into heart rhythm abnormalities which would be picked up by the 24-hour Holter monitor.

24-hour Holter monitor results


There are many heart conditions which can cause an irregular heartbeat such as heart valve disease or disease of the heart muscles or blocked arteries. Usually, the 24-hour Holter monitor results will be with you within 24 hours after receiving the monitor back.

There are different indications for the 24-hour Holter monitor, in particular, if you feel short of breath, if you feel dizzy, light-headed or if you have ever collapsed. In case you need, we have available a 24-hour monitor that does also record blood pressure.

The 24-hour Holter monitor activity

The 24-hour Holter monitor interpretation is done by a Cardiologist or a Physiologist: the electrocardiogram (ECG) activity of your heart will show whether there are any irregular heartbeats which could be a fast heartbeat or very low heartbeat. Therefore, these will guide us to the necessary treatment.

24-hour ECG Holter monitor in LONDON


Usually, Dr Francesco Lo Monaco applies the private 24-hour ECG Holter monitor device and interprets its results to his patients in London at the Harley Street International Polyclinic, 104 Harley St, Marylebone, London, W1G 7JD, the first multilingual and multispeciality clinic in the UK, he co-founded.

You can have your tests, consultations and follow-up appointments usually within a day, using a wide range of top-notch medical techniques and diagnosis facilities.

With his innovative Mobile Cardiology Service, Dr Francesco Lo Monaco can apply the 24-hour Holter monitor device and interpret its results in London regardless of where you are located: at your home, hotel, nursing or caring home, even in your workplace! 

You just have to book a phone or video consultation. We will take care of all the rest.