Private Angiogram in London


The coronary angiogram is able to rule out and assess whether there are any blocked arteries which usually is the cause of a heart attack.

If an artery is blocked then we can put a stent which relieves the obstruction so that blood flow can again flow inside the arteries and feed the heart muscle.

How is a Coronary Angiogram performed?


The coronary angiogram is a test in which a catheter is inserted through your groin or your wrist into your body and it reaches the coronary artery, doing so-called cardiac catheterisation.
Through this, contrast agents are injected and show the coronary arteries and visualise if there are any blockages inside the blood vessels.

The test is done with a local anaesthetic in the groin or the arm, so the pain is much reduced. We always monitor the heart rate, the onset of chest pain during the test or any side effect or allergic reaction to the medication.

How long does a Coronary Angiogram last?

The test lasts for a variable time that can be between 30 minutes to two hours depending on whether we only do the angiogram to visualise the artery or if we find a blockage and therefore we need to put in a stent.

How much does a private Coronary Angiogram cost?

A private angiogram varies in cost from £2,000.00 to £10,000.00 depending on how elaborate the procedure is, how long the test lasts and where it is performed.

Is an Angiogram safe?

The risk of side effects (heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest) is only 1 in 1000.

A clear indication for a coronary angiogram is usually persistent of

    chest pain,
    • abnormal

exercise stress test


In these cases, a Coronary Angiogram is indicated.



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