CT Coronary Angiogram


A Computerized Tomography (CT) Coronary Angiogram is an imaging test that provides a scan of the arteries that supply blood to your heart.

How is a CT Coronary Angiogram performed?

A CT angiogram is a test that lasts usually about 20-30 minutes. It requires the administration of a dye into your veins which will allow the visualisation of the coronary arteries.

It is a very quick and effective test in assessing the anatomy of the arteries compared to a normal coronary angiogram. In fact, it is less invasive and it does not require any catheter insertion into your arteries which then go inside the heart.

The only risk is of an allergic reaction to the dye. If this happens, it can be treated with medication.

You shouldn’t have this test in case of kidneys problems. Therefore, we will check your kidney function before proceeding to the CT coronary angiogram.

Possible results of a CT coronary angiogram

Depending on the results of the CT coronary angiogram, you can get medication to treat your blocked arteries if the blockages are very mild.

If the blockage is between moderate and severe, then you will need a proper coronary angiogram. This is a more invasive test in which a catheter will be put inside the heart. Therefore, we can meanwhile also treat the blockage in the artery through the placement of a stent.

If we find some borderline blockages which are not mild and not severe, you may also need an exercise stress test to understand whether these blockages are causing any severe reduction in the blood flow to your heart.

This will guide us to treatment which could be medication if the reduction of the blood flow is only minor or implantation of a stent if the blockage is more severe.

Private CT Coronary Angiogram in London


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