Highly rated and experienced Italian Private Cardiologist in performing a wide range of cardiac tests and treating any heart disease

Dr Francesco Lo Monaco is a renowned Private Cardiologist in Harley Street.


He is the Founder & Medical Director of Harley Street International Polyclinic and he is an Italian Private Cardiologist in London specialised in treating various heart conditions and performing all the relevant and necessary tests.

His main field of expertise is Clinical Cardiology with sub-speciality in imaging.

He treats a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks, angina, heart failure, irregular heart rhythms, valvular heart disease.

Also, he performs all the diagnostic tests ranging from exercise tolerance tests, echocardiograms, ECG,  stress tests and CT coronary angiograms.


I perfectly understand that being concerned about symptoms can be highly stressful.

This is why my mission is to put the patient at the centre of my attention.

I strive to give a human and empathic face to my care and to give my patients the best possible experience.

Also, I have a one-stop approach for my patients care.


Why wait many days for test results when you can have your tests, consultations and follow-up appointments usually within a day?

This is the reason why I work in prestigious medical centres as a Private Cardiologist and I have fast access to a wide range of top-notch medical techniques and diagnosis facilities.

Before starting my practice as a Private Cardiologist in London I started working in Italy first, then in the United States, and now in the NHS has allowed me to gain the wealth of medical expertise that cannot be obtained through working only in the private healthcare sector.

In summary, excellent quality of care, convenience, empathic and professional approach, the most updated medical expertise and top-notch medical facilities are the essential ingredients for the successful recipe of the patient-centred care that I strive to offer. I offer Private ECG Test , Private Ecocardiogram Test , Private Exercise Tolerance Test , Private 24hour Ecg Holter Monitor Service ,Private 24hour Blood Pressure Monitor Service .

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After finishing his first medical studies in Italy in 1997, Dr Lo Monaco has travelled the world to produce great research and to be on the forefront of medical evolution, aiming to deliver the best practices and help his patients as much as possible.

His practice boasts fast responses, detailed consultations, accurate tests, in-depth explanations of ailments and disorders, treatment plans that are specific to the patient’s needs, and the UK’s first mobile cardiology service!

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Being in a stressful, high-pressure environment can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Make an appointment with Dr Francesco Lo Monaco today and take control of your heart’s health. And if you can’t make it in, our mobile cardiology services are exactly what you need.

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